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Our comprehensive

Discover tailored recruitment solutions designed to meet your unique needs.

With a focus on reliability, a comprehensive go-to-market strategy and transparent pricing structures, our services ensure success at every stage of the hiring process. Whether you're seeking swift hires, exclusive partnerships, or comprehensive searches, we have the expertise and dedication to deliver exceptional results.

What we offer


Contingency recruitment puts you in control of the process. You have the freedom to decline unsuitable candidates without any obligation or fees. We're committed to delivering the best candidates swiftly, making contingency recruitment ideal for urgent hires, collaboration with multiple agencies, or when filling multiple positions.

There's no upfront payment with contingency recruitment, making it a popular choice for many organisations. You only pay upon successful placement, ensuring cost-effectiveness and peace of mind.

Unlike retained recruitment, there's no guarantee of finding the right talent immediately. Recruiters handle multiple clients, so prioritisation isn't guaranteed. For challenging or time-sensitive roles, consider a retained approach.

While contingency recruitment involves research and headhunting, it may not offer the same depth as retained search. Although diligent, it may lack the intricate detail needed for complex searches.

Our typical contingency fees are approximately 17% of the candidate's starting salary, tailored to fit the client's budget and requirements. Additionally, we offer a 6-month free replacement policy for added reassurance if the candidate doesn't meet expectations.


Exclusive recruitment offers the same benefits as contingency recruitment but comes with the added assurance that no other external agencies will be engaged for the role/roles.

By exclusively entrusting us with your recruitment needs, you benefit from a streamlined process and dedicated attention. Our focus remains solely on delivering the best-suited candidates tailored to your specifications.

This exclusive arrangement allows us to offer a more competitive fee structure, typically set at 12% of the candidate's salary. With a lower fee and our commitment to quality, exclusive recruitment presents an attractive option for organisations seeking efficient and cost-effective hiring solutions.

Furthermore, we stand behind our placements with a 6-month free replacement guarantee. If, for any reason, the candidate doesn't meet your expectations, we'll provide a replacement at no extra cost, ensuring your peace of mind throughout the hiring process.


Our retained service ensures reliability with a fee structure that underscores our unwavering commitment to every assignment. With a proud track record of 100% success for all exclusive roles in 2023, Watson Recruitment demonstrates dedication to delivering only the most promising projects.

Comprehensive Go-to-Market Strategy: Retained search surpasses traditional recruitment methods by integrating a comprehensive go-to-market strategy.


Beginning with a stakeholder meeting, we deeply explore your company and roles, crafting ideal candidate profiles and pinpointing target companies. This collaborative approach guarantees authentic brand representation and effective opportunity marketing.

Process Overview:

  • Stakeholder Meeting: Define roles, company details, and candidate profiles.

  • Headhunting: Identify and engage potential candidates.

  • Screening Calls: Conduct interviews with suitable candidates.

  • Shortlisting: Compile a shortlist from available candidates.

  • Interview Coordination: Schedule and manage all interviews, gathering feedback.

  • Negotiation: Secure the best terms on your behalf.


Pricing Structure of Retained Recruitment:

Our retained services are priced at 17% of the expected final salary, divided into three parts. One-third is paid upfront after the stakeholder meeting, another third upon the successful candidate's offer acceptance, with the remaining balance settled 30 days after the candidate commences.

For added assurance, we offer a 12-month free replacement policy should any unforeseen issues arise with the candidate.

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